2.03 – Excitable Angels

Previously, Robin chose a spouse in Donnovan Steel, and Jules also found love in Cricket Irwin.

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1.4 Bred in Captivity

Welcome back! Previously, the arrival of triplets brought a swift and certain end to Kirstin’s career plans. Radax was quick to rub her nose in it; he tricked her into promoting him not once, but twice. Throw in a winter fling with Nancy Docket and he’s pretty much the Worst Human Ever.


Now his sweet young daughter may be looking to steal the title for herself.

Cat: What are you doing on my lawn, you piece of trash?

Snowgrim: You literally built me two seconds ago.

Cat: A likely story.

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1.2 The Burglar’s Cat

Welcome back!

Last time, I bet Radax’s love life and the entire fate of the legacy on a 5am police brawl. On one side, a champion of law and order; on the other, one of crime and corruption.

So who will it be???


Gerald: $%(!#$@#^()!@#(!)@(#!!!

Nancy: Sir, I am an officer of the law. I will not be spoken to this way.

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