1.3 You Can’t Stop the Fun Train

Welcome back! Previously, the Maitlands swindled the town into believing they were perfectly normal, thank you very much, by hosting a rager two-year-old’s birthday party in their brand new decoy house.


I should mention that they aren’t officially “the Maitlands” until this very moment, when they decide to steal their daughter’s thunder and get married at her party. It’s a small blessing that the guests have gone home, probably with each other’s spouses (given the way things were headed last chapter).

Kirstin: Do you, Kirstin Law, take this schlep to be your lawfully wedded schlep?

Radax: Are you talking to yourself?

Kirstin: Shh! I do. And do you, schlep, take this master of cunning and thievery to be your lawfully wedded boss?

Radax: I d—

Kirstin: You may now kiss the bride.

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1.2 The Burglar’s Cat

Welcome back!

Last time, I bet Radax’s love life and the entire fate of the legacy on a 5am police brawl. On one side, a champion of law and order; on the other, one of crime and corruption.

So who will it be???


Gerald: $%(!#$@#^()!@#(!)@(#!!!

Nancy: Sir, I am an officer of the law. I will not be spoken to this way.

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