2.03 – Excitable Angels

Previously, Robin chose a spouse in Donnovan Steel, and Jules also found love in Cricket Irwin.

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1.5 A Town Full of Posers

Welcome back! Last time, Radax walked a fine line when he invited Nancy Docket to live in the decoy house as his paramour, and promptly knocked her up. How long can this double life of his possibly last???

Screenshot-202 (2)

For now, things are going alright. At least Nancy seems to be enjoying her kitchen/bathroom, always keeping it in tip-top shape.

Nancy: You would too if you prepared your meals ten feet from a toilet.

Does ten feet from a litter box count? XD

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1.2 The Burglar’s Cat

Welcome back!

Last time, I bet Radax’s love life and the entire fate of the legacy on a 5am police brawl. On one side, a champion of law and order; on the other, one of crime and corruption.

So who will it be???


Gerald: $%(!#$@#^()!@#(!)@(#!!!

Nancy: Sir, I am an officer of the law. I will not be spoken to this way.

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