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Elect a Founder! – 11/4/2016 (gryffindork7)

Generation One (gryffindork7):
1.1 Love Is a Toilet – 2/5/2016
1.2 The Burglar’s Cat – 11/5/2016
1.3 You Can’t Stop the Fun Train – 17/5/2016
1.4 Bred in Captivity – 18/7/2016
1.5 A Town Full of Posers – 21/7/2016
Pocketful of Sunshine – 5/10/2016
1.6 Butterfly Fly Away – 13/6/2017
1.7 Holey Matrimony – 21/6/2017
Goodbye from Gryffindork! – 14/7/2017

Generation Two (somebodysangel):
2.1 Desert Bowl – 27/12/2017
2.2 Autumn Romance – 9/01/2018


2.03 – Excitable Angels

Previously, Robin chose a spouse in Donnovan Steel, and Jules also found love in Cricket Irwin.

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2.01 – Desert Bowl

Welcome to Generation 2 of the Maitland Legacy, aka the Boolprop Round-Robin legacy. Due to a couple of MIA team members, I have taken on the second generation, and I apologise for the long wait. Between my own legacies, getting a new laptop (and all the fun and games that comes with transferring TS3 onto it), finishing college and now job hunting, my life has been pretty hectic lately. But we are finally here!

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Goodbye from Gryffindork!

Hello! And goodbye! There are two things I must do before I depart this blog. First, allow me to introduce your Generation Two heiress:

Robin Maitland


Because it’s a round-robin legacy after all, and it wouldn’t be complete without a round robin.

Robin: Are you calling me f—

Welp, have fun with your new life!

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1.7 Holey Matrimony

And finally, welcome to what should be the last installment of this beautiful disaster! Time to tie those loose ends into some semblance of a knot while really leaving them more tangled than ever!

Last time, shit hit the fan hard when Radax came clean about his philandering ways. Too bad there was shit on the fan so he didn’t stay clean for long. Kirstin and Nancy both hate him now, and the children are probably not far behind.


Nancy: Ah, I see you’re pretending that dummy is Radax’s face.

Kirstin: *no answer*

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1.6 Butterfly Fly Away

Guys, I think I had a premonition back in Chapter One.


That’s right, I’ve really gone and dropped the pot of chilli on this one. You know it’s been too long between updates when you have to re-read all your previous material to remember who your characters are. And when you laugh at all your old jokes because you have no recollection of writing them.

But those of you who read my other blog (oh shit, guess what’s been sitting stagnant since February?) know that this is par for the Gryffindork course, and that honestly, the best thing I can do for the Maitlands at this point is to get them off my hands ASAP. So let’s, er, scrape that chilli off the floor and put it back on the table!

Last time, Nancy had one chance to produce a ginger baby and blew it. Radax hit middle age and immediately began to question everything, including why grown men shouldn’t wear pretty pigtails.


We return 10 months later to find Flynn and Remy studying their butts off. Gosh, and I can’t make it through ten minutes without a three-hour break!

Flynn: Now that I’m all knowledgeable and stuff, I see the injustice of our growing up in a literal hole.

Remy: Same, but now I know there’s nothing a simple peasant can do about it.

Behold—the two kinds of people in education.

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Pocketful of Sunshine

Greetings! It’s been a while. I’m just two posts shy of passing on this hot potato—okay, this lukewarm potato that’s been squishing around in my back pocket for five months—to our next blogger. BUT before that happens, I must christen the blog with its first filler post. Are you ready?


ixot, author of Absolutely Cuckoo, was kind enough to nominate this blog for a Sunshine Award! Thanks, ixot!

I thought about lumping this nomination in with the ones on my main blog, but I couldn’t let the Langurds steal the Maitlands’ precious moment in the… (don’t do it, Sam) … sun. (Too late.)

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