Goodbye from Gryffindork!

Hello! And goodbye! There are two things I must do before I depart this blog. First, allow me to introduce your Generation Two heiress:

Robin Maitland


Because it’s a round-robin legacy after all, and it wouldn’t be complete without a round robin.

Robin: Are you calling me f—

Welp, have fun with your new life!

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Pocketful of Sunshine

Greetings! It’s been a while. I’m just two posts shy of passing on this hot potato—okay, this lukewarm potato that’s been squishing around in my back pocket for five months—to our next blogger. BUT before that happens, I must christen the blog with its first filler post. Are you ready?


ixot, author of Absolutely Cuckoo, was kind enough to nominate this blog for a Sunshine Award! Thanks, ixot!

I thought about lumping this nomination in with the ones on my main blog, but I couldn’t let the Langurds steal the Maitlands’ precious moment in the… (don’t do it, Sam) … sun. (Too late.)

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Elect a Founder!

Our founder poll is now live on! You have until about 10am Wednesday morning to support one (or two) of these fine candidates.

ZaleISBI’s Joni Farr

Ani-Mei’s Andalusia MagellanScreenshot-5_zpsh2qbldmk

Emily Whalers’ Radax MaitlandScreenshot-71

Gryffindork’s Poncey PicklesworthScreenshot-277_zpspwcyeoln

DSLady’s Mona Taylor

somebodysangel’s Timothy Omega

Full bios are available on the poll page. So head on over and cast your vote before it’s too late!

Table of Contents

Elect a Founder! – 11/4/2016 (gryffindork7)

Generation One (gryffindork7):
1.1 Love Is a Toilet – 2/5/2016
1.2 The Burglar’s Cat – 11/5/2016
1.3 You Can’t Stop the Fun Train – 17/5/2016
1.4 Bred in Captivity – 18/7/2016
1.5 A Town Full of Posers – 21/7/2016
Pocketful of Sunshine – 5/10/2016
1.6 Butterfly Fly Away – 13/6/2017
1.7 Holey Matrimony – 21/6/2017
Goodbye from Gryffindork! – 14/7/2017

Generation Two (somebodysangel):
2.1 Desert Bowl – 27/12/2017
2.2 Autumn Romance – 9/01/2018
2.3 Excitable Angels – 12/02/2018
2.4 Summer Babies – 26/07/2018