2.04 – Summer Babies

Apologies for the uber long wait, I haven’t really been into simming lately, and the backlog of photos isn’t helping any…

We begin with the promotion I thought would never happen – Radax actually managed to top his career and fulfil his LTW!

Robin is fairly flying up the ladder. Seems we chose the most competent Maitland heir.

And she chose a competent spouse to boot, look at them being all productive.

Good thing the next generation are better at skiving off. Viola loves the new treehouse her grandpa bought her.

However, I realised we need a portrait painter, and since her parents are too busy with their jobs and skills, it will fall upon Viola. Negative trait be damned!

Cat continues to flirt around town, no settling for this one.

Nancy, on the other hand, is happy to settle for the first guy who offered her shelter after she was kicked out of the main house. Ignoring the fact he’s one of Cat’s exes.

It’s Timpani’s birthday!

She’s adorable, though has a bit of a weird mouth – probably Donovan’s. Robin’s purple eyes and Donovan’s hair colour.

Look who gets daddy to skill her. Oops, and just realised I failed to paint the whole room uniformly.

It’s raining on Love Day, but that doesn’t stop the customary festival visit.

Growing family.

Donovan hunts eggs.

Viola failed at face paint.

Radax is a cute old man.

Robin and Donovan try out the love tester.

I love these messages.

Robin does find the time to teach Timpani to walk.

Yes, the hole in the ground does still exist; Viola likes to do her homework in there, while Radax sleeps.

Donovan got another promotion.

Timpani is cute in the toybox.

Radax got this random work opportunity, and succeeded, for once!

He then comes home and plays with Viola in the sandbox. Oh Radax, never change.

Donovan found the new trampoline. And spent long enough out here to be able to land flips…

One last pregnancy, in the hope of fulfilling Robin’s wish for a boy. I don’t want too big a family, three heir options should be plenty.

She fulfills her own craving for grilled cheese.

Flynn’s wife Emi has brought over their son to play with Viola. He inherited Radax’s green hair and pointed ears!

Viola and Forest have a water balloon fight.

Remy has a new RI.

And Robin got another promotion.

Donovan maxed the athletic skill. Gen 2 being so productive!

Gen 1… less so. But at least he’s socialising with his granddaughter?

Time to bring another baby into the house.

Mixed twins!

The girl is Calliope, she is Disciplined and Loves the Heat and Lilac. Boy is Banjo, he is Artistic and Loves the Cold and Yellow.

Donovan is not impressed…

Some peek-a-boo between sisters.

Just before Timpani’s birthday. She rolled Shy.

And this is her first child action. Not living up to her awesome name thus far…

Viola, on the other hand, is almost as entertaining as her grandfather.

Robin is like every other virtuoso I’ve ever had, and addicted to instruments. I never use the ITF one, so figured why not.

Apparently she has a hidden family oriented trait; you have enough babies, Robin!

Flynn rubs it in…

Timpani proves she can also be entertaining. I love it when the kids use the costume chest.

It’s now Viola’s birthday. I forgot what trait she rolled – other than gorgeous.

Genetic mixing FTW!

Remy is still looking for love.

Radax finally found the nooboos.

Donovan is addicted to this thing. Most adult sims choose ‘woohoo’ if their spouse is on the lot and I click their stressed moodlet. Donovan chooses the tramp…

Birthdays for the twins! They both got green hair, yay!

Other than her dad’s blue eyes, Callie has all Radax’s colouring.

Both the twins have Donovan’s wide mouth – looks weird on toddlers, but they’ll grow into it (I hope). Banjo has Robin’s colouring.

Robin’s birthday now.

Another MLC,

Potty training for Callie.

Aside from Remy breaking up with his third or fourth girlfriend, his hair proves that the triplets have all aged to Adults at the same time.

I allowed Radax to retire, since he wished it.

First MLC wish is easy to fulfil.

New dress, tick! Her hair will stay until she rolls the wish to change it (or the MLC is over… or I get tired of it).

Retirement doesn’t mean Radax is done providing for the family; he’s still breaking space rocks for gems. Donovan is upgrading everything in the house while levelling handiness.

Aw, Nancy died. She was a day or two younger than Radax, so he won’t be far behind 😦

The kiddies chat at the block table.

Callie is the only one up at night, so she’s left to the xylo.

Cat married Darren, who was my first choice of spouse for Robin. I take glee in the awful hair EA gave her on Adult age up.

Did I share that the family got a car? They did, and Viola ropes her father into teaching her to drive.

We’re having a pool party! Never to early to start scoping out the spouse options in this town… Even if someone else will probably move the family to a new town.

This pouting cutie is Cemre McKinnon. Behind him is Flynn’s newly teenified son, Forest.

Flynn was busy at the hospital with his wife and their new baby girl.

I may or may not have influenced Cat and Darren to TFB. What else are parties for than to influence SP?

Timpani meets Cemre. Matching red bathers = love?

These two are Jules’ twins with Cricket. Could not be more different if they tried. But Shayla inherited Nancy’s red hair, so win for Jules.

Apparently Viola dislikes Darren. That’s ok, he’s too old for you anyway.

This kid, however, is not too old.

I neglected to note down his name, but he’s pretty cute, and he gets along well with Viola.

The children have a water balloon fight; always good to befriend multiple sims at once.

Jules and Donovan relax in the loungers. I don’t think Donovan is too rapt with his baby girl talking to a boy.

Radax joined in on the water balloons; the Childish trait is strong with this one.


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