2.03 – Excitable Angels

Previously, Robin chose a spouse in Donnovan Steel, and Jules also found love in Cricket Irwin.

We begin with Remy finding love.

Robin pops with her pregnancy after work.

Donovan promptly rolls up this wish. That, we can do! I was waiting for one of them to roll it before forcing the situation.

Radax has found the teppanyaki grill.

He cut his fingers chopping.

Then overcooked the meal slightly. I love how he fails so consistently, such an entertaining sim.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, have some romance/engagement/marriage spam, brought to you by Robin and Donovan.

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Quickie living room wedding dispensed with, it’s back to skilling. This time, Jules joins his mother and Robin in their jamming. Unfortunately, Robin can’t jam with her violin, so we have to make do with a guitar.

That night, it’s Radax’s birthday to elder!

He refused to come inside so I could get a good picture, instead he built himself an igloo to sleep in.

Flynn gives Radax his first grandchild – nice name, too.

Radax has now maxed out martial arts.

He’s also reached the point where he can earn gems from breaking space rocks – and he’ll bring in more money from this than his job.

2.03.16 - RadaxE.jpg
Here’s a better pic of Elder Radax.

Nancy’s birthday is tonight.

She keeps her hairstyle and her socks.
2.03.12 - Nancy bday3

Another birthday; the first child of gen 3 is incoming!

It’s a baby girl! Her name is Viola, and she Loves the Cold, but Can’t Stand Art. I know Violet is her favourite colour, not sure of the other favourites.

And what was her father doing during all this? Making snow angels in the backyard.

Cat now has an RI in Lennon Sosa.

Wedding gifts came in just at the right time – we need to renovate the house to fit in the new addition. No idea who Kitty Price-Sparks is, but thanks for the $20k fountain!

The fountain funded not only a nursery addition, but the expansion of the kitchen area.

There is no longer a need for Nancy and Jules to have a room, because it’s Jules’ birthday! They will both be moving out tonight. As per Radax’s wish, we throw a party.

We kept Radax’s wedding gift; he and Jules use it for some father-son bonding before the party starts.

I hadn’t even realised our guests were here until Remy started eating dirt.

Cake time!

2.03.22 - Jules YA
Jules’ final trait is Never Nude, and his LTW is Superstar Athlete.

Most of the guests were done with their cake by the time Cricket arrived.

Yes, we have a second cake for her – her birthday is tomorrow anyway.

I gave her a quick makeover in her favourite colour (red) because the EA-chosen stuff was hideous. She turned out nicely!

And somehow managed to get a job before she’d even had cake. Well played, SP.

Jules gets her to go steady right away.

Well, that escalated quickly. (yes, Jules wears his beanie in bed, why do you ask?)

You may have noticed a distinct lack of parents in the birthday shots. Both Nancy and Robin were at work, each bringing home promotions.

Radax went off to work after Jules’ birthday… and promptly landed himself in jail. He’s never going to make his LTW, at this rate >.<

With birthdays done, Jules and Nancy are promptly moved out. Cricket’s stride of pride precedes them out of the house.

But wait, we’re not done with birthdays! Donovan is aging up to Adult tonight. Yes, he’s a fair bit older than Robin – she takes after her father that way.


LMAO, this is what EA gave him for outerwear. Don’t worry, I fixed him up…after I stopped laughing and pulled myself off the floor. I find that I often have this problem with Adult outerwear – it’s nraas Dresser, I believe. Which is the reason I’ve taken it out since. And the CC is something broken from the Store – I can’t find the individual file, so frustrating.

Robin really isn’t taking to this motherhood thing too well.

At least with her faces/actions – her wish panel is the opposite.

But at least Viola is now mobile; it’s her birthday!

Grandma Kristen’s blonde hair and pale green eyes, dad’s tanned skintone. Not sure what else at this point.

She’s already very independent, does
not want to learn her skills.

It’s Snow Day already!

The family is much smaller than last holiday.

Radax snowboards.

Robin and Donovan make snow angels.

Donovan took it a little too far.

But he’s
so excited about them, I couldn’t tell him no.

Viola got tired, so Robin took her home. I then told her to read a book for work…and she chose to read in the igloo. Don’t believe I’ve seen that before!

Yes, that ‘woohoo’ on their birthday was actually a TFB. Cricket and Jules are now parents of twins!

Grandpa Radax is doing the majority of Viola’s training, since he’s home with her all day while she’s awake.

Robin is busy making her way up the corporate ladder.

Daddy is also busy with his career, but he does make time for his baby girl.

He’s even took her to the library to read with her.

But she’s adorable and content to be on her own.

Since I put the pool and barbecue on the left-hand side of the backyard, it was annoying me that the kitchen was on the other side of the house. So I switched everything around. New kitchen/dining on the left where Robin’s room was, and her room is now on the right, along with a third bedroom.

Because we have baby #2 incoming!

Cat has a new RI in Richard Irwin.

Flynn is currently married to Richard’s ex, Emi.

And as we know, Emi and Richard’s daughter Cricket is Jules’ girlfriend and mother of his twins. There
are other families in this town, guys! (Not to mention that Richard has 5 children by 3 different women…)

Not sure if I mentioned it, but Donovan’s LTW (and career) were switched to Astronaut; he’s just earned another promotion.

It’s Viola’s birthday! She rolled Ambitious.

And I neglected to get a shot of her face; have a shot of dirty plates instead.

These two are so cute together. Donovan autonomously started flirting, so I got him to help her out with her sore back.

Oops, apparently that was much too relaxing.

We chose a hospital birth this time, and got another girl. Her name is Timpani, she’s a Hydrophobic Genius who likes Red (and some other things).

Yes, this generation’s theme is musical instruments; seemed fitting given our heir is a virtuoso.


Author: somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

5 thoughts on “2.03 – Excitable Angels”

  1. Viola has SUCH a cool combo of features! Timpani has the cooler name though, so I have high hopes for her (awesome choice of theme, by the way – it’s actually one I bookmarked for the Langurds if Rhapsody became heir, but of course that was never going to happen lol). Can we also talk about a) the fact that Jules’ never-nudeness manifests as him refusing to ever take off his beanie b) torso-less Donovan prancing through the house in his state of midlife crisis and c) Flynn becoming his half-brother’s step-father???? XD So many bits of awesome in this chapter, and staying oh so very true to the Maitland name. Looking forward to more! 😀


    1. Whoops, this was supposed to have been responded to way earlier. But anyways, I am loving how all the kids turned out – genetics-wise, if not personality-wise. Though I’m not nearly as good at bringing out personalities as you are.

      LOL, I did not consider Jules’ never-nudeness when I kept the beanie, but it makes so much sense!

      The Maitland-Irwin twisted family tree could have been so much worse – Cat was dating Richard at one point. But yes, I love the stepfather-of-half-brother thing, only sims.


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