2.02 – Autumn Romance

Hey, another chapter already, aren’t you guys lucky?

No, not cool, Donovan! Not when Robin is rolling up wishes for you! We will have to rectify this very soon.

But first, Jules is on a mood swing, and wanted to prank the school.

He failed miserably. But the moodlet reason made me lol – ‘from morose school employee’.

His mother didn’t give two shits.

Aw, I was afraid of this. Bye Kirsten 😦 I didn’t know you that well, but you brought us some amazing children with excellent facial features.

Robin was on a date with Donovan at the time.

But somehow psychically knew that her mother had died.

Better look at Donovan’s face. He has big lips, but overall I like his look 🙂

WTF, SP? He is on a date with Robin, how can he also go steady with another woman!

Nancy is so distraught about Kirsten’s death, she decides she wants to be friends with our founder. So much so that she rolled up the wish

She also earned herself a promotion.

Robin invited Donovan back to the house, and plants a kiss on him.

I missed the shot, but it was accepted; and she also invited him to stay the night.

Angry Robin!

No, I haven’t yet chosen a spouse, we’re just rolling with Robin’s wishes. She chose her parents’ bed for her first woohoo.

Cat is wasting no time out of the house; engaged already.

The Grumpy trait is strong with this one. She’s not happy to see her boytoy making friends with her family. Not when she hasn’t made a decision yet!

Radax is next in line.

And then I see them running like this…what the?

Oh. I forgot Radax was Childish. Great way to make friends!

He hung around
all day. Didn’t even mind that Robin left ages ago. I think he’ll fit right in.

She left to fulfil another wish, to befriend Darren Dreamer.

This is the gossip Robin shared, and another reason I’m not yet sold on Donovan. He knocked up his girlfriend (despite the popup, Donovan was not the pregnant one).


Robin is undecided – she wished to send love letters to both guys.

Poor Nancy is miserable; Social Butterflies are
so hard to keep happy!

Sigh. So apparently whomever Robin chooses, she will be breaking up a family.

But at least she’s doing well with her job.

Cat broke up with her fiance, then rebounded quickly.

Flynn is dating the ex-wife of Cat’s new guy.

And Cricket is the daughter of Richard and Emi. I said yes, for funsies.

She’s not too bad looking.

Jules agrees.

They talk for a while, and I watched the relationship shoot up really quickly.

So I had to give her a minor makeover – with red, as she so nicely told us her favourite colour.

Compatible signs is good.

As is this moodlet.

They stayed there for hours, with little input from me, I just watched and snapped away. Did initiate this flirt, I will admit.

Autonomous stars watching. I love these animations.

Back home, I attempted to stave off Nancy’s loneliness by having her jam with Robin. While Radax fixes the TV (that I never saw anyone use…how did it break?).

It didn’t help her social bar much, but did prompt her to roll up this wish. o.O

Love letter responses… well this may just tip things in Donovan’s favour.

Robin went over to his place. And even though we could
see him through the gigantic window, he refused to answer the door.

So she went around the back and called him to play foosball with her. Apparently he was too busy changing into his swimwear to answer the door.

Attention grabbed, it was time for a very important question.

Donovan is moved in!

His stats; he’s almost an Adult already! Apparently the Maitlands have a thing for older spouses. Eventually I will make him a trait card, but we will add green to the house – yay for a compatible colour!

And his LTW; partially completed already. We will be changing this as soon as he has the points.

Now to fulfill both Radax and Nancy’s wishes to befriend one another.

These two are a good match, they keep following one another around to flirt.

So I decided to make things official.

Robin rolled up this wish – she can’t even serenade yet, but we’ll save that for later.

To prove how long it took Robin to make up her mind; it’s already Spooky Day – that’s 10 days after the festival from the last chapter.

Greeting card, as is my custom. We allowed Nancy and Jules to join us this time.

Robin wanted to carve a pumpkin, while the other four went apple bobbing.

Jules won!

Half of the group were hungry, so a pie eating contest it is!

Nancy won, this time.

Donovan is in the law enforcement career, and requires reports, so we’re working on those.

Hai Flynn! All dressed up in his Magician outfit.

Apparently he proposed while in the park? Oh well, congrats, Flynn!

I built a pool for the family, from the blueprint option. Because that’s so much more important than a decent family room.

Nancy and Robin are straight into it.

That night, Jules has his first kiss!

And first dance.

Cricket sleeps over…and is apparently totally fine with her boyfriend sharing a bed with his mother.

Flynn got married!

Which prompted Radax to immediately roll up this wish.

Robin may well beat Flynn to the punch!


Author: somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

7 thoughts on “2.02 – Autumn Romance”

  1. Omg, Jules and Cricket XD Never thought anything good would come of that boy, but I am ultra proud of him for marrying a girl named after a bug (and/or a sport). Even more proud of Robin for picking Donovan though – can’t wait for Gen. 3 babies!


  2. Ewww, woohoo in parents’ bed in the hole. xD

    Aw, Jules got a girlfriend! Pretty good for the unwanted child. 😛

    Nancy wishing to kiss Robin is hilarious! Bad Nancy!

    Robin and Donovan seem pretty good together. Babies nao! Radax has the right idea.


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