2.01 – Desert Bowl

Welcome to Generation 2 of the Maitland Legacy, aka the Boolprop Round-Robin legacy. Due to a couple of MIA team members, I have taken on the second generation, and I apologise for the long wait. Between my own legacies, getting a new laptop (and all the fun and games that comes with transferring TS3 onto it), finishing college and now job hunting, my life has been pretty hectic lately. But we are finally here!

Here being Lucky Palms! The entire family made the trip intact, the majority even with their same hairstyles.

The house is the same (for now), and we have the usual clusterfuck at the front door.

Cat wins the race…and chooses to lie on Jules’ bed to read. There’s a chair over in the corner, Cat?

Radax and Kirsten decide to ignore one another while practising right next to each other.

And yes, the portraits are missing, due to the difficulties in transferring save files between computers. I will recover them eventually, when I can remember before getting in game and seeing the blank rectangles that is…

Jules wanted a part-time job, and I thought this was the most appropriate for our little wannabe-thug. He’s also going to military school, because I’m horrible like that.

Flynn found the street art kit I put in his inventory, and promptly starts decorating the walls with the most appropriate decorations for a hole in the ground.

Remy joins his father in a workout, while our new heir provides the soundtrack.

I love his little face, even if he is a non-ginger disappointment. He’s jogging home from the Spa.

The next day, I sent everyone out on a family outing, being as it’s the weekend and no-one has been to school yet. Kirsten forgets how to door, and blocks everyone in.

But eventually they make it to the bowling alley down the street.

Robin is out to meet some potential suitors; she joins a water balloon fight with Jaycen Hendrix (white suit) and Phoenix Ross (buzz cut).

Cat fails hard at bowling.

She does manage to knock over a few pins, though, and does an adorable victory dance.

Remy plays arcade games.

While Flynn introduces himself to Piper Sparks.

True to her name, sparks flew between the two of them.

Robin talks to Jaycen Hendrix; he’s not too bad looking, though maybe a little too clean cut for this family.

She immediately complains about Jules…okay then.

Good one, Kirsten, broke the toilet.

It’s Cat’s birthday!

Since she had only been in town a few days, she ended up with a B, and had Irresistible locked in. Her LTW was already locked in – Culinary Librarian.

I neglected to get an in-game picture of her, so here’s the CAS shot. Unique looking, but still pretty! I kept her conservative style, with more lilac.

Thinking in sync, for once, both Kirsten and Radax roll up this wish. Sorry guys, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Proving my point about being out of sync, Kirsten then rolls this. Again, not going to happen.

Homework party!

Then Robin and Remy play darts.

Fynn goes back to ‘decorating’ the underground hole.

Jules dances, and I see a smile on his face for the first time.

Kirsten is also dancing, albeit slightly differently to Jules.

While doing this, she maxed out her athletic skill.

Poor Remy, such a loser.

But it’s the last day of school, birthday time!

I did try to get all three of them to their cakes at the same time, but still couldn’t get them synced.

Remy and Flynn had locked traits, though pretty decent ones. Remy’s LTW is Astronaut, while Flynn’s is Master Magician.

Once again, I failed to get an in-game shot of Flynn, so you have a CAS one.

Remy does have an in-game shot.

Here’s our heir! Ms Grumpy face. Robin could roll her trait; she rolled Genius. And her LTW is Hit Movie Composer.

Her trait card.

Family cake shot! Complete with a dispute between Kirsten and Nancy.

Now this is a realistic wish, Radax, we’ll lock it in!

Robin and Nancy jam in the newly expanded (and purplified) house. Radax will continue to live downstairs, but Robin is going to live upstairs.

Overhead shot – that’s Robin’s bedroom and bathroom at the top left, then the living room; misc skilling room/entryway, and kitchen/dining room. Jules and Nancy share a bedroom on the right.

Radax roped Jules into helping fix/clean the bathroom.

He then chooses to read on the bed next to his mother. Because that’s not creepy at all, Jules!

Oh, maybe that’s why – Radax is sleeping in his bed. And dreaming of NO MOAR CLEANING!

The next day, I sent most of the family to the summer festival.

Before the kids move out, we have a family photo! Only Radax and Kirsten and their kids, sorry Jules.

And then we have an idiot contest; starving sims but they cannot possibly enter the hotdog contest together!

Once fed, the kids have a water balloon fight.

While Kirsten kicks Radax’s butt at soccer.

Meanwhile, Nancy is playing for tips; she needs to increase her guitar skill quite a bit to advance in her career, so why not make friends at the same time.

Flynn is out performing for tips.

And heartfarting the locals.

Including an antsim.

When I saw someone familiar, I sent Robin over to introduce herself to Darren Dreamer.

Cue hearts!

While they talk, Flynn is gathering quite a crowd behind them.

The next morning, before graduation, the boys work out together.

Robin finds the laser-rhythm-a-con I put in her room.

There was a traffic jam at the ladder, so a starving Cat graduated in the hole.

Most Popular, really? Do you guys not know she’s evil?

The others did make it to city hall, only to be stymied by those confounded stairs.

Jules didn’t even leave the lot, just did homework on the lawn.

The triplets’ Most Likely award are more realistic.

Robin and Remy even synchronised their diploma tosses, way to go!

The boys moved out, but I’m keeping Cat for a little longer – she’s very close to reaching her LTW.

Radax maxed out his athletic skill. Maybe he’ll finally start advancing in his career!

Robin was sent out to another community lot, and autonomously started talking to an antsim.

I fixed him up – it’s Donovan Steel. Hearts are flying!

She immediately rolled up this wish; okay then.

I don’t think that’s the way to get him feeling flirty…

Cat leveled up her cooking skill, and completed her LTW! Thanks to all the recipes that have been added with EPs, she doesn’t even need to max it out anymore, let alone buy recipes from the store.

She moved out and hooked up with Lennon Sosa a second later.


Author: somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

6 thoughts on “2.01 – Desert Bowl”

  1. Glad you got this going again!

    Is Flynn filling up every possible space in the hole with graffiti? XD

    I love Robin’s look! She grew up really nice!

    So much Jules hate. XD There was totally room for him in the family picture, too!

    I like Darren and Donovan! Looks like Robin prefers Donovan so far, though.

    And their most likely awards, lol. Robin most likely to take over the world while Flynn saves the world from her and Remy ignores them both for music. 😀


  2. So I thought it would be really weird seeing someone else play this family after I got so attached to them, but it’s actually such a relief to see them thriving – or a Maitland version of “thriving” anyway – and safely out of my hands! Kind of like that time I put 4 teaspoons of salt in a batch of cookies, and my mom calmly took the whole thing away from me and somehow made them edible. XD I LOVE what you’ve done with Robin and especially the house! I also have high hopes for these potential suitors! I agree Jaycen was much too vanilla for us – my vote goes to Donovan. Only great things can be expected of a man who rose out of the ground. Though Darren and Robin’s genetics could be an interesting combo too…


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