Pocketful of Sunshine

Greetings! It’s been a while. I’m just two posts shy of passing on this hot potato—okay, this lukewarm potato that’s been squishing around in my back pocket for five months—to our next blogger. BUT before that happens, I must christen the blog with its first filler post. Are you ready?


ixot, author of Absolutely Cuckoo, was kind enough to nominate this blog for a Sunshine Award! Thanks, ixot!

I thought about lumping this nomination in with the ones on my main blog, but I couldn’t let the Langurds steal the Maitlands’ precious moment in the… (don’t do it, Sam) … sun. (Too late.)


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.

There was a fifth rule about keeping the rules in your post, but I am a rebel, you see.

My Answers:

(These have been rotting in LiveWriter for at least six weeks, so ignore the parts where I say it’s Saturday and stuff.)

1. What did you have for dinner – or, if it’s not dinner time yet, what did you have yesterday? Was it good? Did you cook it yourself?
Oh man, did I pick a good day to answer this. For context, my usual answer would be “Dinner? Uh, you mean the cereal I’ve been eating from the box since 7am?” However, I just happen to be staying with my parents, and last night was Saturday barbecue. Steak, sausages, potatoes, green beans, salad, peach pie and chocolate chip cookies. Hello, food coma. I had the incredibly important task of snipping the ends off the green beans.

2. It’s late at night in a small town and you’re heading home. You can either take a well lit detour – 30 minutes – or the shorter walk through the cemetery – 15 minutes. It’s pitch dark in there. Which route do you choose?
I’d love to be all macho and say graveyard, but sadly we live in a world where that would make me stupid/drunk/asking-for-it instead. I already feel safer walking in the middle of the road at night than on a sidewalk flanked by trees. I have no qualms with a longer walk – in fact I often jog home from gatherings depending on my footwear. 😛

3. Pet birds, you’re getting them – 10 zebra finches or one parrot?
Pet birds, I have them. They’re flicking dried shit on me from the rafters as I type. Finches are adorable, but I know too well that birds in flocks just gang up on you and plot behind your back. -.- The parrot may murder my eardrums, but at least he’ll be my friend.

4. Tell me something about one of your grandparents. Or all of them, if you like.
My grandma once flushed out a hive of ground wasps with boiling water. That was pretty cool (and put the rest of us chickens to shame).

5. Your favourite teacher in school and why you liked her or him.
I feel like I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t had a life-changing teacher. Was I cheated out of an integral coming-of-age experience? I’ve always been quiet in school, so I guess my favourite teachers were the ones who wrote nice things on my work… I’m sorry, that’s boring. The occasional attractive TA was as also a bonus in uni.

6. Build a tree house or a dollhouse? Get a tree house or a dollhouse?
I would love a treehouse! But my hands are – uh – built for the fine arts, shall we say, so I’d rather build a doll house and then trade it for the tree house. I actually really hate dolls. (Sorry, Lira.)

7. Ever had a romance with someone who was taken? If yes, how did it end? If no, define what cheating is to you. Where would you draw the line?
Really giving us the third degree here, eh ixot? 😛 I won’t touch relationship drama with a 40-foot pole, with the inevitable side effect that I end up avoiding relationships in general… So, given that I’m obviously such a guru, my textbook definition of would be: 1) doing anything more than you’d do with a friend while 2) being involved with someone else and/or knowing that the other person is currently involved with someone else. But I wouldn’t pass judgment on how any couple decided to deal with the fallout. Relationships are not up for public scrutiny, dammit! I’m going to go hug my cat now.

8. You’re describing the colour pink to someone who was born blind, what would you describe it as?
A strawberry milkshake. Seriously, I have never eaten anything that tastes so much like the colour it is.

9. Do you want kids? Why/why not? If you already have them, did you always want to? If not, what changed your mind?
I’m too young for this question! *curls up into ball of denial*

10. If you’re young, what’s your IDEAL vision of yourself as an adult, say 45 years, where will you live and what will you do. If you’re already an adult, not necessarily 45 but still, what was your ideal vision of yourself as an adult when you were ca 18? Are you close to that vision now? Is it still something you aspire to?
Well, see, I intend to be 23 forever, so that solves that problem.

*reluctantly emerges from ball of denial*

Okay, okay. Uh, I guess I’d like to be living on a lake somewhere in a house that’s big enough not to be cramped, but small enough not to draw attention. I’d like a window seat and a balcony, please, an activity room and a really fancy coffee maker. At least three cats are mandatory, husband/family only if I’ve met the right person or if I really need someone to cook for me. I would ideally be self-employed in some creative avenue and would have made a name for myself somehow – hopefully not by doing something dumb on the internet. Oh, and I would like to have finished my legacy by then, but that may be too much to ask.

11. Your MIL is planning to knit you a jumper. She’s taking your measurements and shows you the pattern and yarn she wants to use – the jumper is REALLY ugly. She’s very excited, but knitting the sweater will take her more than a month. Honestly now, will you smile and thank her and then never wear it, or do you tell her you don’t want the jumper before she begins knitting?
I am absolutely the worst at saying no to things. I just cried through a video where a K-pop singer offered burgers to other K-pop singers and they threw them in the garbage. I WILL WEAR YOUR SWEATER, FICTITIOUS MOTHER-IN-LAW! I WILL WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!

My Nominees:

I think we can safely assume that everyone in the blogosphere has gotten this award like 75 times by now. So I wanna do something a little different—my questions go out to ALL the future authors of this legacy! Meaning if you are currently signed up for a generation of the Maitlands, or if you are waitlisted, I challenge you to make a response post on your main blog and link it here in the comments. Maybe we’ll get to know our crew a little better, idk. 😛

My Questions:

1. Who are you on WordPress? How about on Boolprop? Which generation are you taking over? Is this one question or four?

2. Any grand plans for the Maitlands? Small plans will suffice.

3. Drop and gimme five (push-ups, that is). Now tell me what hurts the most.

4. What would Amortentia smell like to you?

5. Heads or tails?

6. How do you take your coffee?

7. What is your go-to dance move?

8. Favourite breakfast food?

9. Guilty pleasure?

10. Pet peeve?

11. Last but not least: on a scale of 1-10, how awkward are you IRL?

Have fun! 😉


Author: gryffindork7

I like cats. This is a really thorough bio.

4 thoughts on “Pocketful of Sunshine”

  1. XD So many questions, so little time. I love both 11s, these are the important things to know in life.

    To be honest, I’m not too good at saying “no” myself.

    Also, your grandmother is a badass.


  2. I’ll just answer here, because I had already made the post on my main blog >.< I don't care if it's not okay with you.

    1. Who are you on WordPress? How about on Boolprop? Which generation are you taking over? Is this one question or four?
    I'm Voguishstorm. I'm Voguishstorm. I'm on the waitlist so I have no idea, probably generation 15 or something. That's obviously 7 questions, pfft.

    2. Any grand plans for the Maitlands? Small plans will suffice.
    Hard to say because the ones I'll play with aren't close to being born. Maybe have them own a resort built over a graveyard…

    3. Drop and gimme five (push-ups, that is). Now tell me what hurts the most.
    I can't boss! It hurts just sitting here! Anemia sucks!

    4. What would Amortentia smell like to you?
    That's a hard one…Either the smell of forest in the morning, almond cream stuffed croissant -or whatever they're called-, or my boyfriend's cologne.

    5. Heads or tails?

    6. How do you take your coffee?
    Without coffee.

    7. What is your go-to dance move?
    <..> I don’t…dance…but I uh…uh…sometimes I…do this dance that my mother affectively called The Dried-Out Camel Dance. It looks as good as it sounds.

    8. Favourite breakfast food?
    OMG HASHBROWNS! And pancakes. They never come together, so I’m stuck in a life-long dilemma.

    9. Guilty pleasure?
    I’ll choose another than the one on my main blog. Anything chocolate. ANYTHING. Any. Thing.

    10. Pet peeve?
    Well, apart from my gigantic rant on Boolprop about people being retards, I’d say…people being retards with about anything. Another example is this. I have nothing against vegans, in fact I believe they’re not entirely wrong, but when some of them (those that ared stupid and ignorant, unrelated to their dietary choices) try to make me feel bad for not being like them, despite the fact that my own mother almost died from not eating meat and that I myself am suffering from anemia from lack of, when they say that I kind of just want to jump at their throat. (Also, I am easily set off into ranting)

    11. Last but not least: on a scale of 1-10, how awkward are you IRL?
    Err…Probably 12. People avoid me at all costs, and the only ones to understand me are those who don’t try to (such as my cat). The only reason I managed to find a boyfriend is probably because he’s a 15 on that scale…


  3. Thanks for answering all of that! Sorry about the third degree, what can I say, I’m nosy. 😛 And I would probably say no to the sweater myself, so I’m also mildly confrontational… and would totally take the graveyard route because I’m THAT lazy.


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